Stevie Mae Robin is a country/pop band with influences of rock. The bandmembers are Thijs on drums, Daniël on bass, Jasper on guitar, Bart on guitar and Savanna on vocals. Stevie Mae Robin wants to bring the country/pop scène to the Netherlands.

When people think of country, they think Dolly Parton. Don't get us wrong, Dolly Parton is amazing but it isn't what
Stevie Mae Robin does. Big influences for the band are: Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris (to name a few).

When the band was just one month together, they played their debute performance at PitPop Nieuwegein 2019. This was a big succes!

'I don't even like country, but this was wild!'
'Only one month and already performing like this? That's promising!'
'Where can I buy your cd? I just have to have it!'

Just to be clear, this is just the beginning! Stevie Mae Robin has some big dreams. Play at every thinkable festival, release countless albums,
be played on the radio till it drives you crazy, just conquer the Netherlands! To make this all come true,
Stevie Mae Robin is currently working on alot of original work and their first two singles. They will be released in 2020.

Let’s make some music, country/pop rocks!!!