Stevie Mae Robin is a country/pop band with rockinfluences which strives to bring the country/pop scène to the Netherlands.

Stevie Mae Robin released their first single ‘Out of the Blue’ (May 15th 2020). The single was well received by local, national and international radio!

National: Q-music, 100% NL, De Max!
International: Hits from the Heartland, K107 FM, New Country Music Box!
Local: Alternative FM, RTV L.O.V.E., EVA Keisessies, Holland Country Radio, Nashville FM, Indie XL, RPL Woerden, Midland FM, RTV Ridderkerk, Klokradio, Studio DMN, Wiekent Jeroen en Peter, Joosten in het weekend!

The second single has also been released (November 6th 2020). Due to covid, the videoclip will follow later this year. For now the band is writing new songs and can’t wait to get back in the studio and record their very own EP for you!

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Let’s make some music, country/pop rocks!!!